Christine Brautzsch
Hospital Birth - June 2019

I hired Anna because I wanted someone to help me have natural labor, and to help my husband help me through labor. This was my first pregnancy and little did I know all the help she would bring. Anna would respond quickly to any questions I had throughout pregnancy. She also gave me referrals. I was seeing a chiropractor regularly before pregnancy however through her recommendation I switched to her a chiropractor that specialized in pregnant women. That was a life changer! I was comfortable in my 3rd trimester and I’m almost positive that the chiropractor work was part of my success. Not to mention my chiropractor gives a free adjustment to babies after labor! I would have never switched if it wasn’t for Anna giving me this information.

During labor, it was so reassuring to have Anna there by my side letting me know what is normal and what is not normal. My mucus plug came out and my husband was about to freak out seeing blood however once Anna told him it was normal his stress went away and he went back into focusing on helping me. During my back labor, my husband repeatedly said how vital Anna was to him. She explained information to my husband but also took some of the burden off of him when it came to helping me through labor. They both tag teamed adding pressure to my hip and neck area for hours. Unfortunately my baby stopped progressing and her heart rate dropped. Therefore, I had to get an emergency C-Section. During this very scary time Anna was great support to my husband whom was not allowed to go back in the operating room. While in recovery she stayed with us and helped with skin to skin and latching. And waited with us until I was released to our hospital room. Anna was a god send! She overall lessened our stress throughout my labor. I would highly recommend her especially for new time moms. Labor can be scary when you have never experienced it before. It was so comforting to have Anna by my side.

Kami Neff
Home Birth - May 2019

Anna is ready to take on your doula needs, no matter how great or small! As we approached our due date, we decided we needed a doula to lead us through labor, since this was our first baby and we planned to have a home birth. Anna arrived on the first day of labor as my water broke, and labored with us for the next 3 days. Even through the long, arduous 84-hour labor process and eventual transfer to the hospital, Anna never wavered in her support or stamina alongside us.

We had a fear that my husband would feel unneeded, but Anna was excellent at partnering with my husband, and making space for him, too. She was as present as he. She would hold one hand as he held the other, and she would talk me through the hard contractions. She never replaced him as a partner, rather she served as second partner and often brought in support in ways my husband could not.

Anna was full of encouragement, support, and knowledge. Her presence diminishes any fear that you might be carrying about labor and birth. Her constant support reminds you that you are not alone as you journey through such an amazing process. Without a doubt, Anna will be one of the best doulas you could invest in! 

Maddie Fisher
Home Birth - October 2018

Anna provided so much support at the end of my pregnancy. I was transferred to the hospital during my first home birth and needed to process that in preparation for my second birth. I had a lot of fear about being transported again. Anna was an incredible listener, and made sure to text encouragement leading up to my labor reminding me that all would be well.

I also knew that I wanted physical support during labor, since touch is such an important comfort measure for me. Anna was incredibly intuitive with how and when to provide massage and breath support.

Finally, right after birth, Anna was so present with me through my examination. She held my hand as my midwives examined my uterus and birthing areas. She made sure I was comfortable, fed, and emotionally supported even after the delivery, before she left.


Adrian Murphy
Home Birth - March 2018

Anna is everything you want in a doula. She easily and perfectly balances a patient understanding of the birth process with an intuitive knowledge of when to gently step in. Anna's work was such a blessing during the birth of my daughter, Jane; I am so thankful she was there!  In fact, Anna initiated an important turning point in my labor, coming along side me as an anchor when I lost my focus and the power of my breath. During a time where I was at my most vulnerable, Anna was a trustworthy ally.

She has a natural reverence for birth and family that makes her presence comforting and easy.  I recommend Anna as a doula with the fullest confidence that she will meet you where you are and do everything in her considerable power to support and encourage you.

Birth is amazing and unpredictable, a frightening and powerful transition -- if you are considering adding a doula to your birth team, bring Anna along for the journey as a helper and a friend. I can confidently say that she is well equipped for the challenge and would be strong and loving companion on your adventure.