“A woman at birth is at once her most powerful & her most vulnerable.”
-Marcie Macari

My passion for birth support is two-fold. Firstly, I attend women through their childbirth journeys as a witness to some of the greatest work a woman can do. My experience has taught me how incredibly powerful the female body is, and how each woman is unique in her experience and her expression. Every birth is a new opportunity for me to learn and sit in awe again of a woman’s power in her transition to motherhood. Secondly, I love to support women as they deepen their understanding and appreciation for their own bodies. I love to actively participate in that experience as women take on their new identity through birth.

In the animal kingdom, elephants are one of the only other mammals who attend a mother in birth. They also celebrate when the calf is born. I love seeing something that feels so natural to me already occurring in nature. Elephants have always been symbolic for me, so when establishing my brand, I knew I wanted to incorporate an elephant in my logo. Understanding that elephants gather for birth reinforced that.

I am one of ten children (7 girls and 3 boys) and was born and raised in south-central Fort Wayne in the ‘07. Family is very important to me, and another reason I’m drawn to birth, as it grows families.

I have a degree in Social Work from Manchester University, and worked first with pregnant or parenting teen moms in Chicago. After moving back to Fort Wayne, I attended DONA International birth doula training in June 2018 and am currently pursuing DONA certification. I am also a birth assistant with Agape Birth Services and I am pursuing certification as a child birth educator.

As your doula, I offer emotional and physical support to you and your partner during your labor and delivery. My desire is to help prepare you for your upcoming birth as well, and help create a peaceful and meaningful environment for you and your family.